Free Company Policy

It is the express opinion of the free company the following rules and regulations. All ideals or rules are in place to better understand the community.

All members should be treated with a common respect, treat them as you would wish to be treated. With this in mind, No member should feel not included. There is no room for cliques or elitism.

Racism will not be tolerated.

The Company is rated M for Mature or 18+ so please be aware of this.

Stealing in any shape or form will result in immediate expulsion from the community, this includes but is not limited to the Free Company Vault.

We are here to enjoy the game not dote upon politics or religion please if you must speak about these topics keep it peaceful and respectful of others.

With these simple rules in mind we ask that you remain respectful in groups with others, remember you were once a new player, without guidance and acceptance there is no future in this game.

Most of all make sure you are having fun.